The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Puppy B

PuppyBWe drove 80km to Australind north of Bunbury to get Puppy B from a SAFE foster mum.  SAFE is a not for profit organisation Saving Animal From Euthanasia.   She was there with siblings A and C and was a wee cutie.  The dog is more for Brad as I have never had a dog, hopefully she will be a beach dog and can go to the beach when he goes surfing.  We decided to get a Kelpie type so that it would be more likely to have a bit of farm brain.  She is approximately 4 months and has had first vaccinations.  SAFE will cover the cost of her sterilisation when she reaches 6 months. We were thinking of names on the way home, she responded to Tufty – which I thought of because of the white tip on her tail, but Brad thought it was a bit girly, so we decided on Shorty a urban/hip-hot term to affectionately describe a girlfriend or child. It used to refer the young look outs and drug runners in street gangs.

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