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Dam pump not working

Jan13 015Again…. I went to water the vege beds and there was no water in the pipes.  Freakily it is exactly a year ago to the day that the retic first stopped working with a burst pipe, but at least we are only expecting 30 degrees over the next 2 days compared to the 40 degrees last year. When I went to check, the pump wasn’t running on and the pipe hadn’t burst, but I found that the inlet was covered with weeds, so I cleared that and re-primed the pump and off she went.  I walked the 150m up to the hose and watered the garden, but I noticed that the pressure was dropping, so I walked back down to check the other connections.  It looked like the main inlet was cross-threaded, so I took that off, re-taped it and put it back in.  When I re-primed it I also noticed that the collar connector on the poly was leaking and when I took that off, I found I couldn;t properly tighten it as the threads were worn.  So I walked the 150 metres back to the shed to get the spare connector I bought last month (when it had stopped working) the hacksaw and a piece of wood to bash the new barbed fitting into the end of the newly cut pipe.   Unfortunately,  I had tightened the connector into the pump so well I had to walk the 15om back up to the shed again to get the stilson shifter to undo that one.   I put it all together again, then noticed that the main culprit was probably the electronic controller, it had worked itself loose and was swinging around on top of the pump rather than being tightly screwed in.   I couldn’t disconnect the uphill pipe connector so I could re-tape this, so I just swivelled the pump as far as I could (within the range of the inlet/outlet pipes)  to make it less loose.  That will be a job for Brad when he gets back next week, hopefully the other tweaking will keep the system going till then.   I had noticed last week that the sprinklers weren’t spraying as far as they should and thought that the pressure was down and said to Brad we should have a look on the Sunday afternoon. We didn’t.  Note to self, next time, check the pump is primed and all connections are tight as soon as the range of the sprinklers drops.

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