The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Thank you Supernanny

CaptureGuineasTeaTimeLast night it took over 30 minutes to herd the 9 young guineas back into their newly fortified cage for tea and safe sleeping.   As I walked round and round the cage bringing them back to the door, I kept thinking of the TV show Supernanny.  Some parents trying discipline for the first time have to keep putting their kids back in bed for up to 2 hours on the first night of the regime.   The theory is the first time you say “it’s time for bed darling”, the second time, “it’s time for bed” and the third time onwards, you don’t say anything you just keep taking them back.  The persistence seemed to have worked and I was hugely relieved that it only took 2 minutes tonight.  The first couple of birds went in almost immediately and I only had to bring the birds back round once for the rest to go in.

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