The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Winter Grass

20130327 013The 15mm of rain we have had over the last 2 weeks has been enough for the winter grass to sprout in the front paddock which was a gravel pit before we bought the property.  The top 400mm of gravel was dug out leaving a clay base which retains moisture, so it is the first area of the property to green up.    We have been slashing the lupins there for the last 3 years and letting the area rejuvenate and develop some top soil.    We are not sure what we will do with it in the long term, but are unlikely to use it for stock as it is too far from any water.   We will most likely plant it with trees if we can find a species that will suit, or plant it with oaten hay for the horses.

20130327 014Picture 011

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