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Chasing Butterflies

20130406 014As it was a sunny day, I decided I would persevere with trying to get a photo of the butterflies that flutter through the forest.  Easier said than done.  Even when they are still, they are almost impossible to see against the leaf litter and their flight is so random that I find it almost impossible to get them in the viewfinder.   I managed to get some of the wings open so I could try and try and identify them.   In one of the photos, it looked more like a sun moth with its wings closed up, but in flight it did look more like the Common Brown NymphHeteronympha merope.  

The adults, like those of many NYMPHALIDAE, have only 4 legs. The adult female is predominently orange on the upper wing surfaces. The outer halves of the forewings and the margins of the hindwings are dark brown. A blue-centred eyespot and three yellow patches are enclosed within the black half of each forewing.  Another blue eyespot is on the each hindwing. The adults are difficult to notice on leaf litter when their wings are closed.”

20130406 003 20130406 005 20130406 037 20130406 036

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