The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

I Beat the Bucket

20130416 003I took the forks off the tractor and attached the bucket for the first time.  It took several attempts to hook the black hooks over the red bar as it is a precise fit and I can’t see over the bonnet of the tractor.   You have to have the arms at the right “crowd” angle and height, low enough to get under the hooks but high enough not to dig into the ground.   If the bucket is not straight you can nudge it forward to straighten it up.  I nudged it almost to the vege beds before I got it right.  You then have to lift and “crowd” the bucket back up so you can slide the locking bar across. During the whole process, you also have to keep the hydraulic hoses out of the way so they don’t get pinched. Attaching them at the end was the easy part.

20130416 004


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