The Country Diary of a GenX Woman


20130425 005The old saying is: red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in’t morning, shepherds take warning.  We had both, so I am not sure what to expect.  It is colder, getting down to 10 degrees overnight, and today was the first time I wore a jacket, hat and gloves for mucking out the boxes.   There is no wind though, and that makes a big difference.  The forecast is for another 3 or 4 days of light rain this week, so we may get another 15mm for the month if we are lucky.  I have turned the irrigation off for the summer paddock, the dew has been heavy enough to keep it green and the Kikuyu slows down in the cooler weather.    The next thoughts are for sowing the oat paddock.  Our ag supplier sent through a list of oat varieties to consider this morning.   We have planted Swan oats the last couple of times, but they are more susceptible to rust, so they have recommended a variety called Carrolup.  I will have to do some reading.  We are going to plant later this year, so we can harvest in November rather than October.

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