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Farm Routine

20130419 032Writer Jon Katz blogs about his Bedlam Farm and today, he listed his farm chores and commented on how they frame all his days.

“These chores are dynamic and inflexible. They cannot be put off, they embody commitment and focus. Dependent animals are always a responsibility that does not end.”

The daily tasks of feeding and caring for dependents shape everyone’s days, but on a farm you face a wider variety of needs, and depending on the size of the farm and the number of mouths to feed, the chores can take a bit longer.   They are additional to the usual family feeding commitments and a bit more restrictive as they are location specific, you can still feed your family if you go away on holiday – goats, sheep, cows and horses….not so much.
Our first routine  starts at 6.30.
Let Dog Out
Feed Horses
Irrigate Summer Paddock
Feed/Milk Goats
Check Goats Water
Walk Dog – picking woody weeds on the way
Feed Dog
Rugs Off/Fly veils on horses
Let Horses Out
Pick up Manure
Water Garden
Feed People
The second round starts at 10am
Walk Dog
Feed Young Guinea fowl
Chickens out – clean Coop
The afternoon routine starts around 4.50pm
Feed Chickens and lock them in
Feed Guineas
Check Mouse traps
Feed Horses
Check Horse Water
Rugs On/Flyveils off
Feed Goats
Tend Garden
Feed People

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