The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Near the House

20130630 004This morning, Kanga and Roo were the closest I have seen them to the house.  I spotted a roo under a tree at the edge of the forest when I came in from doing the morning chores.   I quietly snuck out onto the deck with camera, but she spotted me and looked straight at me.   It was only after I started taking photos that I saw the baby had been sitting hidden behind a rock.  They have been living here since at least January, but this is the closest they have been.  We have seen them off and on in the forest, but I usually don’t have the camera, or if I do, I can’t get it focused in time.  I have trained Shorty not to chase them, so I hope they are starting to feel safe here.   She will probably have another little joey in her pouch now, this one is independent, and I would love to have a little mob living here all the time.20130630 007

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Inspired by The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady