The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Submissive Guinea

20130416 036The Guinea Fowl are loving the seed heads on the couch grass which is growing out of control in the backyard and in the dog pen.  One of the young guineas got into the dog pen and couldn’t work out how to get back out through the open gate and was getting a bit frantic as the rest of the birds moved off.  I have had to chase a few birds out of here in the last couple of months and have realised that they never go out through the gate even if you chase them towards it, so the easiest thing is to get them to the corner closest to the other birds then try and get under them so they fly over the top of the fence.  It took about 3 laps, but I eventually got her out.  I watched her go back with the other birds and they gave her a really hard time, pecking at her as if to tell her off for not keeping up with them as they went across the summer paddock.  She crouched down to the ground and kept her head lowered.  She huddled close to another bird and made sure she kept up with them.   They bullied her off and on for the next couple of hours then seemed to let it go.

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