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Lined up on a Log

2013-02-14 11.42.09I had left the birds inside their cage for a couple of days to let the injuries from the fox attack settle. When I let them out today, I was able to have a closer look and Murray has lost 2 toes off one foot which still looks a bit painful, he keeps it off the ground when he can and sits down whenever they stop. Another bird has lost the last joint from a toe in each foot. I tried to get them to fly a bit, but the furthest I got was getting them to flap/hop onto a log. They enjoyed being up higher and went up and down the log and pecked at the bark looking for morsels. I did it a few times from both sides and they got the hang of it. I tried sending them up onto a bigger stump, but they just went round it so I gave up. Because we have put rocks round the cage, they didn’t want to go back in. I closed the door of the cage (I didn’t want them to go in as they would get trapped if the fox came) and left them out hoping they would be lined up to come in for tea. Even though there were no other birds in the cage, when I went up at 4.30 they were sitting outside the door. I opened the cage and after a few minutes of pushing and shoving, they went back in.

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