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Dairy Goats!

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I had arranged to see some of the goats Koonac had available so we could choose our dairy goats.   The plan is to get a mated anglo-nubian cross from 2011, and an anglo-nubian/saanen doeling from 2012;  she will be a companion this year and will be mated next.    There were 3 suitable does and I liked number 26 Liponeura, born on 4th July, independence day.    She will be mated with a young Saanen called Magic with her kids due in late July.  There were 5 doelings, like 130 below, and they all looked lovely, so I will see which one is friendlier next time I go back.

Brad and I had planned to fence the goat paddock next week and Matt from Contract Fencing surprised me by coming early and putting all the star pickets in with the pneumatic driver.  It took Shane just over an hour, it would have taken us 3 days doing it by hand.

I posted a set of photos in facebook

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