The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Rain Stopped Play

firepitWe were rained off the goat fence, so Brad disappeared into the shed to weld some plough discs into a fire pit for the front of the house. I picked the discs up from Sandro at Agrizzi in Bunbury on my way back down from Perth. Agrizzi make farm implements and our slasher, post hole digger and rake are all from there, but his yard is the real goldmine. It is full of old farming equipment and metal objects. He has recently bought a lot of wrought iron from an auction and he has some beautiful old forged bits and pieces from the Wundowie Foundry. We used one of the smaller discs as a base, so the pit is one disc short. We will see if we can find one closer to home, as it is not worth a special trip to Bunbury.

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Inspired by The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady