The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Red’s Dead

RedPlumpedRed died overnight.  We had kept her in the fenced backyard during the day yesterday and got her to eat some yoghurt, some pureed corn and some sweetened water, but she was very weak.  We don’t know what she died from.  She looked like she had crop worms last week – she presented exactly like Goldie had last September, with a distended crop, a floppy comb and hunched with fluffed feathers.  We wormed them, but she didn’t improve. She may have had an impacted crop or have been eggbound, but by the end she had lost a lot of condition.  We thought she may die overnight and I held on to the last memory of her cold little feet gripping onto my finger as I carried her back to the coop in the evening.  I had taken this photo of her less than 2 weeks ago.

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