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Sprinkler on the blink

20130312 024The sprinkler looked nothing like this when I turned it on this morning, the water was barely trickling out.  My immediate thought was that we had lost pressure at the pump again, so I went down to the dam to check.  The pressure was fine, so I checked the foot valve which had a few barnacles, but was still clear.

I went back up, and pulled the hose off the tap and saw the pressure there was fine, so decided the sprinkler must be blocked.

When I got close I could hear some hissing, so knew there was some restriction.   It wasn’t the sprinkler, the o-ring washer in the shut-off2013-03-26 17.55.58 valve in the hose connector had come loose and was stopping it from being fully released.  

I fitted a new connector without a valve, as even in its open position, it will still restrict some flow.  Lesson for the future, check the end first before going to the dam.



2013-03-26 17.57.00

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