The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Ridiculously Cold

20130226 001The animals spent all day trying to stay out of the strong southerly wind and catch any sun they could.  Shorty found some sun in the library just after 9 and the horses were laid out in the lee of the stables an hour later.  Even the Guinea fowl hung out in the tractor bay north of the shed. I survived in a knitted beanie, a fleece top, jacket and gloves.  It seemed strange to have such a taste of winter when they are forecasting 30 degrees on Sunday.

In the morning, Flash was a bit lame on his right hind leg – it looked like his stifle injury had flared up with the two lunging sessions. Between 11am and 2pm he did something to his right fore and was20130226 004 lurchingly dog lame with what looked like a tendon strain, so I had to put them all in and fed them at 2.30pm, 4pm and 5.30pm.

I am hoping the vet can come tomorrow, looks like the “getting Flash back into work” will have to wait.




20130226 004a

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