The Country Diary of a GenX Woman


20130328 005I am taking the camera every morning now, at least until I get a photo of my elusive roos.  I am also keeping the dog close so she does not give chase if we do spot them.  We are both searching, but probably with different agendas as Shorty has become quite protective of the property.  On Monday, she was quite outraged that a neighbour’s cow had escaped its paddock and was on the road outside the property.  Her hackles went up and she barked so loudly that she was bouncing with each bark.  I managed to quiet her, but not before the cow took off down the road, a couple of cars slowed to let it pass.  I looped away from the road so I could come back around and drive it back up towards its paddock, unfortunately before I could get back, it wandered onto the road in front of a ute which skidded on the wet road and clipped it on the legs.   There didn’t seem to be much damage to either car nor beast, but the cow panicked and crashed over/through a fence into another paddock.  I tried to call the farmer to tell him why a Black Angus (with probably bleeding wounds from a car and a barbed wire fence) was in with the brown cows,  but his number was disconnected.

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Inspired by The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady