The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

We Got an Inch!

201301412 008It seems strange to get so excited by 27mm of rain over 24 hours, but this is first significant rain for over 6 months.  We had 15mm for the whole of March but got 12mm overnight.   There was pretty steady rain all day until about 4pm with one heavier period when we got 5mm in one hour.   The long range forecast says April will be wetter than average, but the 28 day forecast only shows one other day for heavy rain, so we will just have to wait and see.  Last year we planted our oats on 12th May, but are going to plant a bit later this year to ensure the harvest goes into November to reduce the risk of rain damage.  In 2010 we planted at the end of June, so we have a window of 6 weeks to play with to pick a good time.  With the goats arriving next week, we will have more mouths to feed, so need to get a good hay crop this year.

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