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Holly Leaved Hovea

20130513 008There are purple splashes throughout the forest with the early flowering of this prickly perennial plant.  According to the Western Australian Herbarium it is not threatened.  Dr Eddy Wajon describes the holly leaved hovea as “uncommon” in his wonderful “Colour Guide to Spring Wildflowers of Western Australian: Part 2 Perth and the Southwest”  so you don’t normally see lots of them together.

His book groups the flowers by colour rather than by species which makes it easy to find the right one.  Each plant has a great photograph and is described in very simple, clear, non-technical terms and it has been invaluable in learning about the flowers on the property.

20130519 020Dr. Eddy Wajon is an amateur botanist and photographer.  In addition to publishing  4  geographical colour guides, he has also contributed wildflower, landscape and tourist photographs to a range of calendars.  He is an environmental chemist and consults in the area of environmental management.  He is also a colleague and has been to the property to photograph our wildflowers and orchids.

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