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Another Poisonous Mushroom

poisonous mushroom amanitaRelated to the deadly poisonous deathcap mushroom, Amanita phalloides, this is the White Veiled Amanita ananiceps and is also thought to be poisonous.  There are over 800 types of Amanitas, there is even a site dedicated just to them.  This one is identified by the warty bumps on the cap which have given it the name ananiceps, which translates apineapple top.   It usually has a bulbous base, white gills,  a delicate veil fringing the edge and its cap is startlingly white, so is easily seen pushing up through the dark leaf litter.  It grows in both the burnt and un-burnt areas of our jarrah forest.  It is a large fleshy mushroom growing to about 100mm wide in a couple of days. (There are more images on this great site for native plants and mushrooms.)white veiled amanita poisonous mushroom

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