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An Edible Mushroom?

pink chantarelleThis may be our first Edible Mushroom.  It looks like a Pink Chantarelle Cantharellus aff. Cinnabarinus var. australiensis a variety of the North American Red Chantarelle. With their convoluted structures, Chantarelles are classified amongst the so-called ‘Wrinkled’ Fungi. They are regarded as close relatives of the agarics, but lack true gills, instead having shallow gill folds that extend down the stem.

The Department of Environment and Conservation Fungi guide says that  Pink chantarelles (Cantharellus aff. cinnabarinus var. australiensis) are one of the most exquisite mushrooms you might encounter. When fully expanded, the cap is often lobed and upturned. Colour varies from pale brownish pink to intense pinkish orange. chantarelle

Apparently they are edible, but taste quite bland, so I don’t think I will try them.  They should smell faintly like apricots.




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