The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Scarlet Bracket Fungus

20130615 041The scarlet bracket fungus or Pycnoporus coccineus is apparently really common, but so far I have only found 3 small specimen on one stick.  This polypore is described as tough but pliable and often incorporates twigs and other matter into its structure as it expands, like this one has.  The top is a paler orange yellow, but is a lovely vivid red underneath.  The colour will fade over time with some caps even bleaching to white if exposed to sunlight, though the underside should retain some colour.  The pores are clearly visible on the underside.  It is considered too tough to be considered edible, but a type of Pycnoprous was used by Aboriginal people where it was “sucked to cure sore mouths” or rubbed inside the mouths of babies with oral thrush, rubbed on sore lips. It has also been used as a teething ring.20130615 020 To back up this claim, Two antibiotic compounds have been found in Pycnoporus coccineus.

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