The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

A Chilly Start

Waning MoonWith a morning temperature of 2C (35F), it was well below the average minimum for this time of year 7.5C (45F). I had my scarf wrapped round my face like a balaclava, but the prospect of picking up the horse boxes with a metal handled fork didn’t appeal.  Luckily I have my Scottish motorbike gloves in the stables for the colder mornings so I got the job done.  I have experienced much colder temperatures while living – and skiing – in Scotland and Europe, down to -15 C (5F), but I think my blood has thinned living in Australia for the last 16 years.  The cold seems more shocking, especially when low temperatures are unexpected and unusual.   Another difference from the northern hemisphere, is our lazy looking moon.  Our waxing and waning moons are back to front compared to the northern hemisphere and because we are closer to the equator than when I was in Scotland, I am always struck by how the waning moon looks to be reclining on its back when it is a crescent.

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