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Streaming Algae

20130820 056I am being inspired by the Bedlam Farm Group which was set up by writer Jon Katz as a  Ministry of Encouragement for writers, artists, bloggers and photographers.  “We call this group a Ministry of Encouragement. We share our work openly and without restrictions. We create stories, publish photographs, create blogs, make art, love the earth and the animals who live in our world. We support one another. We do not permit hostility and encourage useful feedback. We are not a cute animal site, a site for grieving or animal rescue or struggle stories, there are plenty of those on the Internet. If you are seeking bad news, alarms or sad stories, you will be happier elsewhere.”  There is so much variety in the contributions, that a number of people have 20130820 060commented that the site is making them see beauty and patterns in everything.   I noticed the long, mossy algae streaming out in the flow in the flood on the edge of our property and saw the beauty and lines in its fluidity.  Trying to capture it I got photo bombed by a hover fly.

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