The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Day’s End

2013-08-23 17.51.09This was the warmest day so far this winter, almost reaching 20C/68F.  Australian spring officially starts on 1st September and this was a wonderful reminder of what is coming. Next week will be all rain, but after today I am really looking forward to spring.  Once again, I spent the afternoon with my 4 chickens turning over another vege bed ready for the beetroot, parsnip and other seed planting.  Just before 6pm as I was walking back after feeding the chickens, horses, goats and guinea fowl, the clear sky was showing a hint of pink on the horizon, so I pulled out the phone camera.  The clear sky also meant a cold night with the temperature plummeting when the sun went down.  Sort-0f-farm-dog Shorty is on the path, but it is a bit dark to see.  Some of the co-contributors in the Bedlam Farm Ministry of Encouragement in the US commented that the liked to hear about the reversed seasons “I love that your seasons are reversed of ours, here, makes me feel like there is always hope for tomorrow!” and  “just knowing our summer warmth is headed your way makes it easier to say farewell to the season. I trust you to take good care of summer and send it back in good turn.”

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