The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Last Minute Advice

20130906 028I took my birthing kit* out and checked on Midge just after 12:30, then rang the breeder at Koonac for some last minute advice.  He told me that maiden does often have early contractions while trying to position the kids and it could be another 24 hours before she kidded.   He advised me just to check on her every hour and not to hang over her as they like to be alone when kidding and will separate themselves from the rest of the herd.  I took this picture of her at 12:45 as she settled down on the sleeping platform and went and had some lunch.

*Birthing kit
Bucket of warm water with betadine wash (in case intervention required to straighten kids/legs)
towels for clearing nose and rubbing down kids
scissors for cutting cord to about 50mm/2″
Betadine for sterilising cut cord

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