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Lunging Flash

IMG_1111Flash has gradually been coming back into work since his injuries last November and then in March. In June I started walking him over poles to get him to lift his hind leg to rebuild the muscles, and in the middle of July I was allowed to start some gentle lunging – clockwise only to reduce strain on his injured offside stifle (right hind knee).    He has been looking fitter and stronger every week and starting to canter round the paddock with the other horses, so I knew it was time to get him back into condition for riding.   The vet is coming to check him next week, but with my friend Tina down for the weekend, I decided to ride him out for a short walk.  I have been lunging him on a short line in both directions, but today I decided to let him have a longer line to see what he would do.  The kerfuffle with the goats had put all the horses on edge, so I knew he wouldn’t be that focused.  He was focused alright, but on the goat paddock and not on me and despite some serious discussions he threw himself around like a youngster.  Which is fine, but he is 17 so should be more like a middle aged man.  We will have a few more “free” sessions for him to develop his self carriage before I truss him up like a chicken in his pessoa for some serious work.


IMG_1176 IMG_1153








IMG_1154 IMG_1161








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