The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Ginger has gone Broody

20131126 006 (2)For the first time in the 2 years she has been with us, Ginger has gone Broody.  Unfortunately she is not very good at it and broke one of the 2 eggs she was sitting on.    I was quite disturbed to see Mama, Chicken and Rumples all crowding into the nesting box so they could eat the spilled egg white.   I took the surviving egg out from under her wet chest and she fluffed herself up then emerged looking all wet and ratty- but I think quite relieved.  I think it is a sign that she is nearing the end of her laying days – which at 3.5 years is pretty average for an ex-farm bird.   Unlike on real farms/homesteads, she will not be meeting her end just because she is no longer an egg producer, she will slide into retirement with her important roles as flock lookout and pest manager.

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