The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

King Kenny

20140603 013Food is a great way to build trust with animals and I am working on the new sheep.  On the first two days I put out some EasyOne fully balanced sheep pellets, but they didn’t touch them, so yesterday I tried putting out a little chook wheat.  That worked and King Kenny the ram came over and ate it all.   I found a bin of oats we didn’t plant last year and tried them on him today and they seemed even more popular.  I put a couple of the special sheep pellets in with the oats, but he skillfully picked all the little grains out and left all the big pellets.   He is definitely being a bit of a lad, sauntering over on his own and eating all the grain, stamping his foot to challenge me a bit then going back to sniff the ewes bottoms to see if any would be receptive to his charms!20140603 010   On Saturday I was impressed at how quickly he took charge of his new flock, keeping an eye on me and herding the girls to the far side of the paddock.  I just hope he either brings the girls over soon or they take the initiative and follow him.  I suppose they have only been here 4 days so I can’t really expect them to be eating out of my hand just yet.


20140531 002

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