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More Babies !!

2013-01-22 10.21.05I thought 2 more Guinea Fowl had been taken by foxes, as there were only 4 out and about yesterday.  I heard a ruckus in the evening and saw one hurrying across the paddock at dusk, so realised she must be sitting on a nest.  I watched the birds this morning to know where to look and saw a male standing guard under a big tree.  Sure enough Mama was sitting on her eggs tucked behind a rock.  She was very protective and fluffed herself up and hissed at me when I approached. When she got off I could see a good clutch of 14,  and 3 chicken eggs! She kept attacking as I collected the eggs, and may have been the exception to the rule about Guinea Fowl not being good sitters. Unfortunately, I couldn’t leave her as that is how we have lost other guinea fowl to the foxes, they are so vulnerable nesting on the ground.  We only have 2 adult females left and I couldn’t risk losing her too.  The eggs are all in the incubator now and hopefully we will get another 10-12 survivors in 4 weeks.  The standard incubation period is 28 days at 37.2 – 37.5 degrees C and 50-60% humidity.  The eggs should be turned an odd number of times each day so that overnight they are lying a different way so the embryo doesn’t stick to the walls.  This is the most amazing set of pictures showing the development of embryo to chicken – the guinea fowls take an extra 7 days, but I am sure it is similar.

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