The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Mouse Trap

2013-01-22 06.25.53We were over-run with mice when we lived in the caravan and shed, so I was horrified when I noticed a familiar smell in the bathroom and found mouse poop in a drawer. We had tried mouse baits in the caravan, but discovered that there were too many downsides: including a horrible death for the mouse – invariably in a concealed location that you didn’t find till you could smell the rotting carcass from 5 yards; they also bled as they died leaving even more mess to clean up. I have found these safe’n’sure mousetraps to be effective, usually killing the mouse outright. Unfortunately this little chap was an exception, so I had to finish the job with my trusty hoof rasp. I felt terrible, being a vegetarian for 30 years makes me cherish all living things, I even rescue dung beetles, wasps, bees and spiders from the water troughs, but even I draw a (thin) line for a mouse in the house.

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