The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Fox Bites Leg Off Young Guinea

20130211a 019When I went to feed the young birds this morning, it looked like there had been a massacre, with feathers everywhere. Some foxes had dug huge holes under the cage front and back, and although there is mesh on the bottom they had obviously grabbed and snapped at the birds. When I looked in there was one sitting down with blood on its feathers and the first born Murray was limping with a bite on his leg. I made a temporary fix with logs and stones in case the fox came back and waited for Brad to get home. In the afternoon we took a tractor bucket full of gravel to fill in the excavations and then put rocks the whole way round the cage. When I was in the cage filling the holes, I noticed that the one that had blood on its feathers had lost a leg. I am not sure if it will survive with the heat and the shock. It is sad as they are 11-12 weeks and only a couple of days away from leaving the cage. Not all of them could fly well enough to release them sooner.

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