The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

A Haughty Strut

20130504 012The goats have a very deliberate walk, fully locking and extending their front legs making them look very proud and purposeful.  Because it is such a swaggering strut, their ears mark time with the walk and flop back and forwards, almost covering their eyes.  I will try and catch it on video.

When I went out this morning, it looked like the goats had spent the night standing in the middle of their paddock, probably keeping an eye on the horses.  Poor little Smudge was shivering this time, so I gave her a bit of a rub and got her to nibble some bits of hay.  Midge is much more dominant and regularly chases Smudge away from the food and charges at her with her horns every so often.   They only seem to settle down to eat when I am in the paddock with them, so I have been in and out several times.  They both look like their stomachs are pretty empty, so I am keen for them to eat more, although Andreas said they would eat if they were hungry and not to worry.

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