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2013-05-03 15.45.28We are now almost like a real farm as we are registered with Department of Agriculture and have our own registered Brand and Property Identification Code for recording the sale and purchase of livestock.    Apparently, I should have had this before and had the horses registered…who knew?  “All livestock within Western Australia must be identified in accordance with the Stock (Identification and Movement) Act 1970 and all stock owners are required to register a livestock Brand and be issued with a Property Identification code (PIC).  Whether they are kept as pets or for commercial purposes, all ruminants (cattle, sheep, goats, deer, bison, buffalo), equines (horses, ponies, mules, donkeys), camelids (alpaca, llama, vicuna), pigs (including mini or miniature pigs) and ostriches are considered livestock under the Acts and Regulations noted above.”

As I was also the “transporter” of the stock, I got 2 copies of the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) Waybill which I have to keep for 3 years.   The next step on our “livestock” journey will be to register for the Livestock Production Assurance scheme through Meat and Livestock Australia (a bit weird for a vegetarian) so we can get our own NVD Waybill book so we can move animals off the property.   We have a few months to do this as the kids are not due until September and the sex/number of kids will determine the outcome.

Waybill Offences

It is an offence for:
• An owner or agent of an owner not to issue a stock transporter with a completed waybill.
• A person to move stock from a property or saleyard without a waybill or approved document
or, in the case where an owner or agent of an owner has not given the person a completed
waybill, a completed Livestock Consignment Note.
• An owner or carrier not to stop when requested by DAFWA Inspector or Police Officer and
not to produce a current waybill or other approved document when requested.
• A person not to retain a waybill for three years after its completion.

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