The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Tough Love

20130506 008Billie the youngest Guinea is attracting a bit of attention from foxes and crows, but the worst part is watching the flock reprimanding her for being out in the open and getting attacked.   Before 10 this morning a fox tried its luck – probably remembering how good Benita tasted last week – but was chased off by the birds and Shorty who answered the alarm call.  By the time I got to the dam, the birds were all pecking at Billie and forcing her away from the flock, she even ended up in the water at one stage.  I had seen them do this to one of the older birds who got stuck behind the dog fence, but it looked worse on the young bird.   About an hour later, we heard another alarm call and saw some crows having a peck at the young bird.  Again Shorty went into action and chased the crows off and again the Guineas all pecked at Billie20130506 002 until she cowered still on the ground and hid in some long grass.  We thought she was badly injured or even dead, but she got up and ran off when I got close.  I was worried that she had been driven away permanently, but was relieved to find her tagging along at tea time.  She was the last bird on the ground feeding and it was almost dark before she finally flew up into a tree, but I was happy to hear the other birds calling her up.

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Inspired by The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady