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Scuba Diving Duck

ScubaDuckThis morning I saw some ripples on the pond and thought some fish were rising,  but I was amazed to see a little duck come to the surface like the Loch Ness Monster.  I have seen ducks feeding by sticking their heads underwater, but I had never seen a duck actually swimming underwater.  My trusty Field Guide identified the bird as an Australian Grebe, an excellent swimmer and diver, which dives immediately when alarmed and swims away under water.

According to the Wikipedia they are not strong flyers and will fly distances only at night, presumably to avoid predators. They tend not to leave their home base if there is sufficient food. If disturbed they will dive and re-surface 10-15 metres away rather than fly.

(The definitive and most respected guide to Australian bird identification, this book is a must for both experts and amateurs.  Graham Pizzey’s Field Guide to the Birds of Australia was first published in 1980 and combines a depth and breadth of knowledge with beautiful, full-colour illustrations by Frank Knight.)

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