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Horse Conquers his Demons

BowieI could see that 27 y.o. standardbred Bowie wanted to go out free-ranging this morning, so I opened the gate for him. He went past the vege beds, but soon spun round and came high-tailing back for the reinforcements required to get past the Mystic Goats.  He had figured out that even he would be faster than a goat and as he is lead horse, the goats would have to get through Flash and Auspicious before they got to him.  He whipped the other two up by galloping up and down the lane way and pushing them on. After he had them in a snorting and fearful frenzy, he led the charge, galloping down the driveway past the goat paddock at full speed. They didn’t stop running until they were the other side of the oat paddock, 200m beyond the Demon goats.Horses Bowie and Flash getting ready

I am starting to write a first draft of my blog postings in the morning straight after the morning routine.  I have always found mucking out the stables (and driving) a contemplative activity and often have my deepest (well, less distracted) thoughts.   WordPress has a great quick press feature on the dashboard where you can quickly put in the title and text for a post. (You can also put pictures in too, but I usually have a few to choose from and a bit of editing to first).  I just like to get the words down before they are lost in between emails, breakfast news on the tv,facebook and the activity of the day.

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