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Shaggy Bolete

20130527 011Boletellus ananiceps or Boletellus ananas is accurately called the shaggy bolete.  It is a large solid looking mushroom and the larger specimen was over 100mm wide.  It is easily recognised by the shaggy covering on the pale tan coloured cap.  Underneath it has yellow pores that stain blue when bruised or damaged.  The flesh on the cap also stains blue if damaged and exposed to air.  The shaggy bolete is common in eucalypt forests in the southwest.

According to The Mushroom Expert  The cap color of this mushroom, according to most field guides, is dark red to vinaceous.  With a little digging through the literature, however, one can find descriptions of a paler Boletellus ananas.20130615 044  Coker & Beers (1943),  for example, report the species as “pale tan to dull buff with rosy stains.”

A similar species is the Boletellus emodensis




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