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Big Boy

20130626 019I listened to my inner voice this morning.  I normally drive round the property to give Shorty a good run in the morning, but today I swithered and swayed, but then I grabbed my camera and we went for a long walk.   I was rewarded with the closest pics of a kangaroo in 4 years.

The big male bounded from the forest to the creekline, sat by the fence then in one bound was up and over and off into the bush.

I read a post about “Donkey Ears” by artist Katherine Dunn which summed up this exactly.

20130626 028

We all have the equivalent of donkey ears in our lives, pointing us to profound moments and simple beauties, inspiring painting, poem, or song… We work hard but live simply, and even I have to make a choice to stop, and look.  I wonder how many inspirations I’ve missed that might have ended up in a painting, simply because I was going about my day impatiently, not taking time to stop and observe. As I said, I must be more “donkey”.

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