The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Blue Skies after the Rain

20130714 017We got over 65mm of rain up to 10am this morning, with most falling overnight, just the way I like it.   That is almost 10% of our annual rain and 50% of the average July rainfall! I spent a bit of time on the shovel digging drains to reduce the flooding in the horses’ walkouts for their boxes and made some slight modifications to our emergency swales which are successfully keeping water from running down to the house.  We dug them on 23rd June when we had the last heavy rainfalls.  We will modify and turn them into feature damplands when we have realigned the drive to its final position.   We are having fewer rain days than average this year, but getting bigger volumes when it does rain .


2013-07-09 15.02.02



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