The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Quicksand and Poo Soup

20130807_172941After almost 50mm of rain in 24 hours, the sand outside the horses boxes is saturated and in some places like quicksand.  It looks ok until you stand on it and you get sucked down.  I almost lost my boot a couple of times.  The other delight this morning was a bucket of poo soup as Flash had dropped a load of manure in his water bucket. (I thought I would show the culprit rather than the result)  He has done this a few times, and seems completely unaware of where he goes to the toilet. Apparently this is typical with thoroughbreds as they are weaned early and put in with other youngsters for light training so they don’t learn good horse behaviours from the adult herd. Middle horse Auspicious is very careful where he goes as he is completely20130804 024 coprophobic and won’t step anywhere near it, so keeps them together at the edge of his box so he can stay away from them.

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