The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Last flower of Spring

20131115 012I don’t remember seeing these last year, but we have quite a few around this year in the area of forest that was burnt in 2010.  It is the Blue-spike Milkwort (Comesperma calymega).  Of the 32 species of Comesperma found in Australia, 21 occur in Western Australia.   According to wikipedia:  They are generally small shrubs, climbers or trailing plants, with small to vestigial leaves arranged alternately on the stem. The flowers resemble those of pea-flowers, and are borne in racemes (arranged on a spike with older flowers at the bottom).  Although most had already set seeds, because of the rain last week and the week before, a number have  produced another crop of flowers. It seems like they have been flowering for a couple of months.

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