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Healthy Horses

20131229 036This picture shows the beautiful copper sheen that was hinted at three months ago when 28 year old Bowie was shedding his winter coat.  The horses really appreciate the hour of green grazing they get every afternoon in the summer paddock/arena, and are lined up at the gate from about 3.00pm, but I try and resist their pleading gaze until 3.30pm.  In January this year, they broke the twine holding the gate closed when I didn’t let them in on time – I have now plaited 3 strands of baling twine together and there have been no more break ins.  If it is a hot day – over 35 C –  I will put the sprinklers on for them to cool down.

20131229 047 (2)

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Inspired by The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady