The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Sheep Shelter

20140525_115512There are no trees in the paddock and the shade from the verge trees will not reach the paddock in summer so we built a shade structure.  (We will be planting some trees, but it will be 3 years before they provide any meaningful shade).  The other benefit of the shelter is that the roof will collect water for the water tank over winter which will reduce the number of times we have to refill the 1000l pod.   We measured some of the jarrah beams that we milled two years ago and two at 3.1m were used  as the starting point for the length.  We were lucky to find a couple of purlins at 2.4m whcih defined the width.   I dug the holes for the bush poles with the augur on the tractor and luckily the bend in a couple of the bush poles made up for my slightly out of square set out.    With some discarded pallets for walls, 3 sheets of tin from a neighbour and left over guttering from the house, just like the goat shed, it was a very economical build.  One of the joys of recycling and using what you’ve got.

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Inspired by The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady