The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

First Guinea Fowl Egg

20130915 041The Guineas are feeling fresh and are either chasing each round the property or hiding their nests in the oats.  I found an egg on the gravel in the tractor bay, so someone obviously got caught short.  We want to incubate and hatch more guineas this year to build numbers back up to 20, but don’t want to start until October.  Last year we chopped the head off a nesting guinea when mowing the hay, so we hatched the eggs that we saved from that nest.  Judging by the rustling and movement in the hay, some of the others have decided it is the best place to be, so I will have to walk in front of the mower this year.   If we find any nests before mid October, we will just give the eggs to Shorty.  She is normally quite good at finding them.

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