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Memorial Garden

20130831 019 (2)Widening the gap between us and real farmers is our memorial garden or Pet Cemetery. We buried Goldie after she was killed by a snake, Long John Silver after he was killed by a fox, and Red after she just died.  Many farmers and homesteaders kill their chickens when they stop laying as they think that feeding them for no return is a waste of money.  As I said in an earlier post, they are more than egg laying machines to us, but it still felt a bit weird burying them, but what else would you do with a dead bird.  We planted some colour-coded native shrubs to mark their graves, mainly so we don’t dig them up again when the next one goes.  We don’t mourn for them, but we appreciate what they gave us when they were alive.  The ground is full of rocks in this area and the digging is near impossible, so only small animals will be buried here.  I have picked out a spot in the softer sand on the southside of the property to bury the horses.

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