The Country Diary of a GenX Woman

Lessons Learned

20140605 034Today’s lessons included always taking my camera (again) and the importance of getting the young guineas into their cage overnight.  After I caught a whole range of beautiful sunrise photos between five past and 7:15am, I took my camera back inside when going to feed the dog.    When I came back out to let the horses out less than 30 minutes later I noticed that the clouds were creating a beautiful soft filter on the cloud streaked sky, and I didn’t have my camera, so, I did that funny half run walk (that is no quicker but makes you think you are getting somewhere sooner) back to the house. Unfortunately I missed the best shots, but managed to catch a couple before the sun got too strong.  Last year I learned that I can still look through the viewfinder and take photos towards the sun as long as there are no shadows.

Just after 9am some friends came and we went for a walk – I was going to take my camera, but now had left it in the shed while picking up the horse boxes, so my friend took hers.  Of course we then saw a crane, some black and white Baudin Cockatoos and some red-tailed black cockatoos.   I am looking forward to seeing her photos…..

At the end of the day, I went to put the young guineas in and saw that they are definitely too young to be released as they still “go to ground” to try and hide when they feel threatened.  Unfortunately they are not very good at picking their hiding spots and even I could see them quite easily hiding under the dead leaves on a fallen branch.  Any predator would have found them in an instant.   It took a bit longer to round them up and get them in the cage as the older birds kept trying to chase them away from their wheat, so the third lesson would be to try and get the young birds in before scattering the wheat.

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